The Control of Asbestos Regulations state that there is a legal duty to manage asbestos within a property.

After the initial survey and re-inspection risk assessment asbestos materials will need have their condition monitored.

The HSE state that:  ‘previously identified asbestos items must be inspected at a minimum of at least every 12-months’.

What Is A Re-Inspection Survey?

In accordance with the guidance set out in HSG227, there is a requirement for ‘Duty Holders’ to monitor the condition of asbestos containing materials that have been previously identified. This may lead to a request for a ‘Re-inspection’ to be undertaken.

How Is A Re-Inspection Survey Carried Out?

A re-inspection usually involves a re-visit to assess and update the material risk assessment of a material. The original survey and identification may or may not be have been carried out by EMS. Where information from others has been relied upon this will be clearly stated.