VIDEO- Asbestos In Classic Cars, Chateau Impney Droitwich

Asbestos In Classic Cars

Please Tell Us What You do?

We are an environmental consultancy. We undertake surveys on buildings; Asbestos, Legionella, Contaminated Soil & Contaminated Water. We were founded in 2003, operating across the UK and Europe.

What attracted you to the Chateau Impney Hill Climb Event?

We were originally involved in surveying the building here (at Chateau Impney) so were aware of the event.  Whilst asbestos is commonly found in buildings, asbestos was also used in classic cars. Rod Spollon asked us to be involved and we have been sponsoring the event for three years

Tell Us More About Asbestos in Cars

Asbestos was used from the turn of the century (20th). It was first used in 1870 in the UK.

As highly fireproof material, it was used in cars from 1900, and commonly found in items including heat shields, textile wraps, resins, clutch plate & brake shoes.

There have been cases of mechanics dying from asbestos exposure by using air hoses to clean out brakes.

It is still possible to buy asbestos containing gaskets online from china. A client recently contacted us after purchasing these from a well known auction site. When the gaskets arrived, they had an asbestos sticker on it demonstrating that they contain asbestos.


How are you able to help at the event today?

We have a stand here and a classic car available for you to look around, including information on where asbestos can commonly be found in vehicles. We also have qualified consultants available for vehicle inspections.