Asbestos Dumped in County of Herefordshire

Three loads of asbestos waste has been dumped in rural area of the county over the past six weeks.

Herefordshire council’s community protection team is asking for information from members of the public about those responsible for dumping the hazardous material, when it’s fibres are inhaled, can cause fatal diseases.

The first fly tipping incident, which is illegal, took place on July 8th at the electrical substation between Whitchurch and Llangrove village. The second happened on July 29th at Durlow Common, Tarrington, between Hereford and Ledbury, with the third also happening near Hereford.

More than 100 tyres were also dumped at Dinedor Camp on July 30th.

Keith Eyles, community protection team enforcement officer, called this a ‘serious fly tipping situation’.

“These are not isolated incidents as there have also been reported cases in neighbouring Gloucestershire and the Forest of Dean. It is important to identify those responsible before we have any more incidents”, he said. “There are correct and legal ways to dispose of asbestos and we need to ensure that people adhere to these for their own safety and the safety of others”.

For more information on how to dispose of asbestos safely visit: