HSE New Asbestos Campaign

The HSE has launched a new campaign to raise awareness to the dangers of asbestos and its related illnesses; this is due to figures that show on average 20 tradespeople die every week from asbestos related illnesses. Censuswide underwent a study in September 2014 to find out how much tradespeople know about Asbestos and the correct procedures to undergo if it is discovered.

A stand out shocking result was only 30% of tradespeople were able to identify all the correct measures for working with Asbestos. With the estimated figure of 1.3 million working in the construction industry that are in jobs were they could potentially come into contact with asbestos, 910,000 wouldn’t know the correct procedure and risk catching a lethal illness. That’s roughly 17x the population of Hereford or 84.73% of Birmingham’s population.

The HSE have developed a new web app (not available on istore or play store) so that tradespeople will be able to identify where asbestos can be found allowing them to make an identification of possibly dangerous materials quickly and easily on site (as long as they can access the internet). Otherwise it is ideal and in most cases a legal requirement to have a professional asbestos survey done, even when no changes are being made to the property and it is simply being sold. To access the web app go to www.beware-asbestos.info/news

Also for more information on what EMS can do to help please visit http://www.ems-asbestos.co.uk//asbestos/ or get in touch on 0800 3581100 or emsinfo@ems-asbestos.co.uk