Supermarket – Refurbishment Asbestos Survey – Manchester

Amosite Asbestos found at Supermarket in Manchester in ceiling void

Our team of expert asbestos surveyors undertook a refurbishment asbestos survey at a small supermarket property in Manchester last week.

The refurbishment survey was requested in a live environment however, when evidence of asbestos flock was noted early in the survey the investigation was rescheduled to be undertaken out of hours – over night.

Our asbestos surveyors noted that the supermarket property appeared to have had historic asbestos strips, which had been undertaken of sprayed fire protection (Amosite Flock), but that this had been applied very poorly. Some limited encapsulation fluid was evident, however, loose flock was identified on and above beams, betwen ceiling strawboard panels and to redundant brackets. Due to the loose, friable nature of the material, spray coatings, such as this Amosite flock, which is easily sprayed and notoriously difficult to remove fully it was recommended that access was prevented.

Full access prevention to the ceiling void has been recommended to this property in Manchester until remediation works are complete.