EMS offer a totally impartial and independent service to our clients, allowing us to provide comprehensive asbestos project management services for asbestos removal projects.

EMS have vast experience working alongside our clients’ contractors and managing asbestos removal projects on behalf of our client as technical representatives.

We are able to provide clients with a start to finish project management service for any asbestos removal project on behalf of clients or contractors.

What Does Asbestos Project Management Involve?

• Desktop Services
Asbestos Project Management on behalf of clients can include EMS producing a specification and/or tender document for the asbestos removal or other works.
It can also involve escorting prospective contractors to site to allow them to provide quotations as part of the tender/contract process.
EMS are also able to assist with evaluating tender submissions alongside our clients and reviewing method statements to ensure they comply with regulations and ACoPs.

• Onsite Services
Once the project begins EMS undertake site supervisor audits to ensure work is in accordance with the method statement and approved practices.

Site Audits- this will check for compliance of aspects including site documentation and equipment is correct, maintained and matches with method statements and risk assessments. It will also ensure that site organisation is correct and ensure enclosures are built and working correctly and monitor work practices on site and are being undertaken safely in accordance with HSE guidance and ARCA audits. Site audits will also monitor the safe disposal of associated asbestos waste.

Operative Competency Audits- These involve competency audits of a single person to check they understand their job role, associated legislation and the general competency of the individual to undertake the job that they have on site.
Both Site Audits and Operative Competency Audits are undertaken while an asbestos removal or remediation project is live. They will usually be undertaken the day before a four-stage clearance test is undertaken prior to issuing a certificate of safe reoccupation.
We can assist in the management of the programme and the budget. Following completion of the works EMS compile a full report on the works. This is supplied to the client with a document containing all relevant documentation including clearance certificates and consignment notes.

EMS are also able to manage sub-contractors on a project, oversee or arrange air testing as well as client liaison and collating of relevant documents and final reports.

What Are The Advantages of EMS Project Managing Your Asbestos Project?

Projects that involve work with asbestos require full compliance with all associated asbestos legislation. This can often be a daunting prospect for individuals who are not familiar with asbestos regulations and associated experience of working with asbestos.

In addition, under CDM regulations, the client has a responsibility to appoint competent contractors. However, very often the client does not have the knowledge or prior experience to assess the contractor on their suitability for the role. Due to our extensive experience within the sector and assisting projects, EMS are able to fulfil this role and ensure full compliance to CDM regulations.
Using EMS to Project Manage your asbestos project will unsure full compliance with all associated asbestos regulations, assuring you total peace of mind. In turn, EMS’s highly qualified and experienced consultants are often able to provide time efficient suggestions and solutions and unsure the project stays within budget at all stages. It is our mantra to get work right, first time- every time.
• Highly qualified
• Over twenty years of experience within the asbestos sector
• Relevant asbestos project knowledge including works at nuclear power sites, national rail, HS2, factories, schools and public sector buildings
• Fully insured

Asbestos Project Management Services:
Our full asbestos project management services include:
• Reviewing and updating of asbestos registers, management plans and reports
• Specifications for asbestos removal projects
• Tendering to Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractors
• Production of Tender Documentation
• Site meetings and project management
• Asbestos Air Monitoring and four stage clearance
• Certificates of Re-Occupation
• Compliance Audits (onsite)

Where Do EMS Cover?

EMS provide asbestos air testing services throughout the UK. Our qualified analysts are based throughout the UK and are able to provide efficient service to any address throughout the UK. Our office bases are located in Hereford, Worcester and London.