Asbestos Management Survey, Herefordshire

Environmental Management Solutions were requested to undertake an asbestos management survey at a local Herefordshire business to update records and to ensure that the client were fulfilling their responsibilities in line with CAR2012.

The management survey revealed that the materials on site had a low risk of fibre release and were suitable to remain in service and be managed with regular inspections. Typical asbestos products were found associated with a site of its age including chrysotile cement roof sheets, chrysotile cement under-cloaking, chrysotile bituminous damp proof course, chrysotile vinyl floor tiles and associated adhesive.

Recommendations to monitor the products as part of the companies’ asbestos management plan were given. Notably, the cement roof sheets were found to be ageing and the client encouraged to review their condition regularly with an aim to replace/repair if any signs of delamination were showing.

EMS work with many businesses in and around Hereford to ensure that they are complying with the ever changing asbestos regulations that are in place. EMS work with local and nationwide businesses, offering advice and guidance, along with UKAS accredited services where quality is key.

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