Classic Car Asbestos Survey – 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider

EMS recently travelled to Northampton to undertake an asbestos survey on behalf of a client on a classic car. The 1990 Alfa Romeo Spider required an asbestos inspection prior to exportation to Australia to comply with the zero-asbestos policy of the Australian border force. Any vehicle produced prior to 2000, must be presumed asbestos containing.

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EMS provide classic car and vehicle inspections throughout the UK. Included in the costings for each survey is travel to the address where the car is located. For the Alfa Romeo Spider, EMS travelled to Northamptonshire to undertake a full inspection of the vehicle. Due to the tight timeline required to get the car delivered to its pre-booked shipment, the survey was undertaken and report produced on a strict deadline to allow the vehicle to set sail for Australia.

It was noted on inspection that the vehicle had had significant alterations throughout its lifetime with the exception of the internal interior and external bodywork. It is important to establish the level of known alterations of a vehicle prior to beginning the survey to determine any particular areas of interest for sampling.

Working in a systematic and methodical manner, EMS undertook a full inspection of the vehicle. This included the wheels, inspecting the brake drums and shoes, inspecting both the inside, outside and underside of the car and throughout the engine bay.

During the survey, non-asbestos containing and rubber gaskets were identified within the engine bay and gear box sump, along with modern carpet/upholstery within the inside of the vehicle. Samples were taken of a heatproof paint, exhaust heat pad and gaskets to be analysed for asbestos content.

In line with the requirements of the Australia Border Force, all samples sent for analysis were sent to a UKAS accredited laboratory for analysis. UKAS is the UK’s equivalent of NATAS, which is stipulated by Australia Border Force requirements.

Samples results are available within 48 hours, and often as quickly at within 24 hours. All samples taken from the Alfa Romeo tested negative and EMS then produced a full report of the inspection. This included a covering letter, stating the nature of survey and a summary of findings. The report also contains a full photographic report to ensure the vehicle is identifiable as the vehicle that has had the survey, as well as a copy of the sample tests results analysed in a UKAS accredited laboratory.

This provides clients with assurance that the vehicle will pass through Border Force checks with no issues.

Our client provided the following comments regarding our service, which we are always very proud to hear:

‘EMS asbestos offer a wide range of services which are extremely reasonable for the standard of professional service received but are also reliable since their credentials and accreditation are globally recognised, meaning that clients such as myself have no problem exporting goods that require hassle-free clearance at customs in even the most fastidious of countries.
I cannot rate them or their team highly enough.’

Entrusting a classic car for asbestos survey to EMS prior to exportation to Australia was so simple. On time, on budget and kept up to date with progress at all times, this firm deliver to a standard few come close to matching.

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