Coronavirus (Covid-19) Update from EMS


Coronavirus (Covid-19) Business Statement

As of today (24th March, 2020) and in response to the Coronavirus Pandemic and Government Lockdown announced on the 23rd March, EMS would like to reassure clients that our services will be unaffected. In response to guidelines EMS will be operating a remote service for clients.

  • Our Head Office will be closed as on 5pm of 24th March, however clients can still reach us on 01432 263 333 or email
  • All our systems are cloud based including emails, project software and reporting software
  • Contracted services, pre-arranged works and report delivery will remain unaffected
  • Emergency calls and out of hours services will remain unaffected
  • We are able to offer comprehensive online services including our online asbestos awareness training course,
  • Our consultants are working remotely and able to provide consultancy services and asbestos management plans

For further information please contact us on 01432 263 333 or via email

We would also like to further assure our clients that we have a robust and documented continuity plan to ensure we are able to continue to service clients and demand as required.

Current Measures:

• All of our staff are currently fit and well and are working remotely to minimise infection spread and in accordance with government guidelines which state that workers should remain at home when possible to do so

• In addition, our surveyors are following strict hygiene procedures upon visiting site including sanitising hands and equipment in line with government guidance frequently and after every site visit.

• Our documented continuity plan is available for any client who wishes to see this

In the event of total business shutdown:

• In this case, we would temporarily close for the shortest duration possible

• We will continue to provide emergency contacts for all of our contracted clients and emergency responses will not be affected

• During full closure, we would continue to have full access to our computer systems as they are cloud based, and will be available to respond to any e-mail and phone queries

We would like to wish the best for all of our clients, and we thank you for your continued support during these uncertain times.

Should you have any queries or additional questions, then please do not hesitate to contact us.

We will continue to keep you, our valued clients informed.

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