Interview with EMS Director Jamie Perkins- Best

 EMS interviewed Director Jamie Perkins- Best and asked him about his motivations for the business and his view of the future for EMS.

Jamie has over 25 years’ experience in the asbestos industry and has managed multisite & multi-million-pound schemes across UK & Europe. Jamie is actively involved in all aspects of running EMS including site work and training.

What drove you to start EMS?

 Prior to starting EMS, I worked at a high-end consultancy based in Worcester. I enjoyed the work and appreciated the quality of work undertaken, but there were also some things I thought I could do better in business. This is where my ethos for starting EMS began.

I wanted to create somewhere where people wanted to work first and foremost. To do this I realised I needed to create a business which was a good place to work with providing services of the highest quality at the heart of the business.

What are the values you wanted EMS to stand for?

I wanted the business to really care about our customers, providing a good service with staff who cared about doing it. Quality and customer service remain at the heart of our ethos today. I also wanted financially affordable service options to be available to everyone; having worked at a larger consultancy, I saw how high quality services were often financially unachievable for many – I wanted to do both!

What is EMS's USP?

EMS’s USP is ‘big enough to cope, but small enough to care’.

We offer the service quality you expect from a large business but the financial affordability and accessibility, and excellent customer service of a small business.


EMS has shown +20yrs of growth, what drives you to carryon?

I still feel driven, even after twenty years. I think my optimism helps.

I feel a great deal of pride in what EMS have achieved in20 years, we have a great team and great customers. I still take pride in this.We don’t always get everything right, but I think we always seek to do so and are good at identifying why when we don’t.


What does the future hold for EMS? What’s next?

I see us continuing to keep doing the same good things we are good at, improve where we can and continue to provide a good place for people to work.

On the asbestos side, we are hoping to continue to consolidate and grow our services and clients.

Looking to the future, the three departments have a range of different goals.

Our asbestos department EMS asbestos is busier than ever, and we continue to service a huge range of clients in both the public and private sectors throughout the UK, Europe, and even Australia! We look forward to continuing to nurture these relationships.

In our Geotech department EMS Geotech we have invested in equipment and resource relating to in-situ testing services to develop this side of the business.

We look forward to the EMS Water team continuing to grow and expand, there is room development in this area, and we are looking forward to growing the department.

After a few years of investing in the business, now we also want to turn our attention to investing in our staff and upskilling our staff.


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