Oxford University Building Closure

Staff and students have been moved from an Oxford University building for up to two years after asbestos find. The Tinbergen building, which opened in 1970, houses the Zoology and Experimental Psychology departments with a total of 750 staff and was used by 900 students while in operation. Following the closure a statement from the Oxford University said:

“We do not believe there is, or has been, a health risk to regular users of the building, and more than 200 air quality readings, taken since September 2016, support this belief.”

The university claims they were always aware of asbestos in the building however prior to its redevelopment more intrusive asbestos surveys were carried out and deposits of asbestos previously hidden have been discovered. Despite the asbestos being found last year, the building remained open as the asbestos containing materials weren’t in accessible areas. University of Oxford officials have now organised the buildings closure due to the removal of the asbestos by qualified specialists, which cannot be carried out whilst the building is in operation.

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