EMS use a dedicated database software system which allows EMS to manage our asbestos reporting system online. This system is called alphaTracker and allows us to provide electronic processing of data throughout the entire surveying process. alphaTracker also provides our clients with a Client Portal option to manage their asbestos records.

alphaTracker Portal

The alphaTracker client portal provides direct access with a username and password, to alphaTracker produced reports, documents, project and other data live over the internet.

The alphaTracker online portal allows clients to view online data and work with it as required. It also allows users to view exploring the sites sections, asbestos registers, asbestos photo registers, the reports/jobs sections, as well as run data extracts, maintain a library of other relevant documents, update contact details, upload bulk sample details and record removal or remediation details.

alphaTracker is a platform designed specifically to manage an asbestos register and management plan, online.

The alphaTracker client portal is particularly useful for individuals with large portfolios of properties to manage. These can include housing association clients and retail clients with multiple outlets and allows them to maintain and amend asbestos records.