What is a Refurbishment Survey?

Refurbishment surveys are fully intrusive asbestos surveys within a specified scope that will be targeted to areas that are due to be affected by proposed works, sometimes this can be the whole property.

Why do you need a Refurbishment Survey?

To identify ACM’s that may be disturbed during works. This allows the necessary action to be taken to avoid accidental disturbance.

As part of the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012 (CAR) all asbestos containing materials (ACM’s) must be removed before the works take place. An intrusive asbestos survey is required to detect all ACM’s before the refurbishment work starts. Should the work begin with ACM’s still present this could then distribute asbestos fibres.

How do EMS undertake a refurbishment survey?

Refurbishment surveys may include intrusive methods such as lifting floorboards or breaking into cavity walls. Depending on the scope it may be preferable for the area to be vacated whilst the asbestos survey is being carried out.

For a refurbishment survey it is essential that the scope is agreed and correct prior to commencement. EMS will discuss with the necessary parties the scope of works to ensure the survey covers all areas affected.

Once the survey has taken place all samples are tested and a full report is produced. This will detail where all ACM’s were found, the quantity, it’s type and its risk rating. EMS also provides a detailed conclusion, advising what course of action needs to be taken to ensure the ACM isn’t disturbed.

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